Clinical Research

To advance our goal of providing a cutting edge approach and dedication to patient care, Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons, P.C. participates in clinical trials. Clinical trials are one form of clinical research that involves the surgeon (investigator) and some of their patients, in a controlled study that is designed to find new and better ways to treat patients within our clinical expertise. These new and better treatments are available to our patients because of our participation in these clinical trials.

Our surgeons and full time research coordinators, available at all three locations, have extensive experience conducting clinical research trials (phase II through phase IV) in a variety of clinical studies which involve cardiovascular and thoracic diseases. Our surgeons only participate in trials which have already completed a long process of research on the new treatment and have been proven to be clinically safe to our patients. All patients are screened and must meet the inclusion and exclusion requirements in order to participate in a specific trial. Patient participation is completely voluntary.

Listed below are medical articles co-authored by our surgeons as a result of their participation in the clinical trails:

  • Bennett-Guerrero, Elliott. Effect of an Implantable Gentamicin-Collagen Sponge on Sternal Wound Infections Following Cardiac Surgery: A Randomized Trial
  • Aronson, Solomon. The ECLIPSE Trials: Comparative Studies of Clevidipine to Nitroglycerin, Sodium Nitroprusside, and Nicardipine for Acute Hypertension Treatment in Cardiac Surgery Patients
  • Singla, Neil. A Phase 3b, Open-label, Single-group Immunogenicity and Safety Study of Topical Recombinant Thrombin (rThrombin) in Surgical Hemostasis
  • Alexander, John H. Efficacy and Safety of Pyridoxal 5_-Phosphate(MC-1) in High-Risk Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery
  • The MEND-CABG II Randomized Clinical Trial

For more information about our current clinical trials and how you can participate please contact our offices. See contact information.