Robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery

Patient Testimonials

I was fortunate and had time to research my surgery decision. After seeing my older brother and some older friends have the conventional cracking of the chest surgery the minimally invasive surgery was a no brainer for me. I had a catheterization on Monday, aortic valve replacement on Tuesday and was sitting in my recliner at home that Saturday and got to watch Alabama beat up on my MSU bulldogs. – Mike House

After my research lead me to Cardio Thoracic Surgeons, I was able to have my valve repaired through tiny incisions that allowed me to go back to working 12 hour shifts a lot faster than if I would have had an open repair. Thanks so much. — Cynthia Conner

On Wednesday February 17th I had a Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement. I woke up on Thursday with minor discomfort and by noon I was sitting up in bed eating. I performed a personal examination and found that I had a 4 inch incision on my chest. On Friday, I was moved to a private room. I had minor discomfort but otherwise I felt good. On Saturday, I was discharged from the hospital. I took it easy for two weeks and then began my regular routine. This could have been a traumatic experience considering my age, 72, but the care and attention provided by everyone at CTS put me mentally at ease. Seven months later I am back to my regular routine, feeling better than I have in years and quiet frankly looking forward to my 100th birthday. — William Dunlap

After being told that I needed my aortic valve replaced, I started searching less invasive ways of surgery in order to get back to work quicker. I live in Tennessee but decided to make the trip to Birmingham in order to have my surgery done through tiny incisions that would allow me to return to normal activities in a few weeks after surgery. Seven weeks after surgery, I am back to work and feeling great. – Roger Kincaid

I was so relieved that I was eligible for robotic surgery to correct a leaking valve, preventing the necessity of “cracking” my chest open. Four weeks after surgery I was instructed to resume my previous activities including golf and lawn mowing. By the fifth week I felt my life had resumed its normal rhythm. – James R. Bozeman

After a robotic valve repair, I went back to work in 5 weeks and resumed a full life of the activities that I enjoy, including my farm. – Steven Kennedy

Amazing is the best way to describe Dr. Parvez Sultan and his staff. I was referred to Dr. Sultan after being diagnosed with lung cancer. He moved very fast and ended up getting all of my cancer. Not only are they caring and compassionate, but they are very skilled. One note: my scar, from removing 1/3 of my lung is almost non-existent. Do not hesitate when you are referred or if you are just looking for a very skilled and compassionate cardio-thoracic surgeon. – Melissa Nichols